About us

About us

History and Identity

The Publishing House of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest (EARCB) publishes religious and interdisciplinary works.

The first publications date back to the period between World War I and World War II. After a long interruption caused by the coming to power of the communist regime, editorial activity was resumed around 1970, but was limited to printing Catechisms, Missals and other books used in daily liturgy and prayer. After December 1989, faced with an almost total absence of religious literature, the activity of the publishing house quickly picked up, reaching a frequency of about 10-15 titles per year.


Mission and Vision

The Publishing House of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest is dedicated to promoting Christian values ​​through the written word. In this spirit, the publisher proposes fundamental books able to contribute to a thorough spiritual formation, thus helping its readers to know and understand their faith in Christ and their role in promoting the common good.


Editorial Strategy

The publishing house's program includes documents from the Magisterium of the Church – Mater and Magistra, "Mother and Teacher", as Pope John Paul II calls her –, books of Biblical exegesis, theology, spirituality, music, art and history, as well as interdisciplinary studies exploring the relationship of theology with philosophy, ethics, psychology, sociology and economics. EARCB also publishes monographs, memoirs and testimonies, practical guides for parents, children and young people, lives of the saints, prayer books and collections of religious music etc.


Collections and periodicals

The publishing house maintains several specialized collections, including: "The Bible Universe", "Culture and Society", "Psychology and Faith", "Monographs", "Universe of the Family", "Catechesis", "Saints and Blessed". Under the auspices of EARCB, three periodicals have been active over the years: 

Verbum (culture magazine, 1990-1996, 27 issues)

Caietele Institutului Catolic (theology and spirituality, 2000-2017, 25 issues)

Pro memoria (Church history, 2002- 2020, 18 issues).


Impact, collaborations and partnerships

Through translations and specialized works (especially monographs and books resulted from doctoral or post-doctoral studies conducted in the country or abroad), the publishing house contributes to the dissemination of research results in theology and related disciplines. In this sense, EARCB has a long collaboration with the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of the University of Bucharest, with the Theological Seminary “St. Iosif ” in Iaşi, with the Romanian Academy, the National Museum of Art, as well as with numerous publishing houses abroad: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Cerf, Seuil, Herder, Mondadori, Città Nuova, San Paolo, Ignatius etc.

EARCB is a member of the Association of Romanian Publishers and participates annually with exhibits and launches at book fairs, the most representative of which is the International Fair "Gaudeamus" at Romexpo, Bucharest. Through the Archdiocesan Press Center "Angelus Communicationis", the editorial news is constantly reported on Catholic sites and in the Catholic press, as well as on other relevant social networks.

Under the direct auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest and benefiting from the expertise of theologians trained in universities such as the Sorbonne, Gregorian, Catholic University of America etc., EARCB is well placed in the Romanian publishing arena, attracting valuable authors and collaborators. Within its own editorial plan described above, EARCB offers to those interested the possibility to publish their own doctoral theses, essays, monographs, translations etc., providing they are in accordance with the mission and strategies of the publishing house. Proposed titles are admitted for publication based on a “double blind peer review” procedure, after the publisher has made an initial evaluation of the manuscript’s conformity with the publishing house's program.


Marketing and distribution

The publishing house's publications are sold through the Romanian Catholic bookstores, as well as in the Cărtureşti bookstores, both in the Capital and in the other localities where the respective networks are functional. Through its own bookstore (St. Joseph's Bookstore in Bucharest) and the sites www.editura-arcb.ro and www.librariasfiosif.ro and www.elefant.ro, the books published by EARCB Publishing House can be ordered by phone or online, and are sent by courier in the country and abroad. On the publisher's website there is a section called "Online Library" where a number of the publisher's publications are available for free in pdf format.

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